Halloween Costume Contact lenses: Here Are 6 Warnings From The FDA

Your eyes don't have to be your butt.|Contact lenses suitable for Halloween costumes: 6 warnings from the FDA.xxx} Normaly, your eyes don't rest on your head or you don’t slap your face and say, "Want some of that?"

It's the same for Halloween costume contacts lenses. It's not the same as Halloween costume clothes. In the wrong clothing, you could make it more difficult to dance, or create some issues and may affect your vision. The wrong contact lenses can harm your eyeballs and poses a threat for the eyes of your loved ones. This can lead to irritation, allergic reactions as well as damage to your eyes, vision issues, and blindness. Many people say, "it was a great Halloween. Other than the blindness.

This is why you should know that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a special website that is dedicated to "Decorative Contact lenses for Halloween and more" in contrast to the one for pants. The guide applies for any contact lens that could alter the look of your eyes, such as those designed for cats, vampires, or other January 6 insurrectionists. Contact lenses are called many things, including fashion, colored cosmetic or spectacle contact lenses. They aren't always tied to Halloween, although being at your job meeting or first date sporting eye-catching demons isn't a great idea.

Lauren A. LittleOctober 13, 2005Halloween Contact LensesBrenda L. Shade Dr. Bert's office assistant, displays a pair CibaVision "'cat eye'' contact lenses.
This might not be an ideal outfit for an interview. Image by the MediaNews Group/ReadingEagle through Getty... (+MediaNews GROUP via Getty Images
These lenses can be purely decorative or cosmetic they do not alter the vision of any kind. Whatever the case, you must consider them just the same way as corrective lenses. It doesn't necessarily mean something has been designed to be fashionable and it may have grave medical implications. The FDA provides the following info on their site:

"Do take an eye examination!" While you may not have to take a full examination prior to buying pants, contact lenses again differ. Incorrect alignment of the lens with the front end of your eyeball could result in damage to your cornea or , even more seriously. A pocket of air between the front of your eyeball and your pant can become dangerous. In contrast, a pocket of air between your contact lens and the front of your eyeball can be damaging. It can cause your contact lens appear as the shape of a plunger, and your eyes feel more like a toilet. Also, it read more could cause the formation of suction. And suctioning force on your eyeball can be detrimental. This is one reason why kissing your eyeball isn't romantic. Consult a licensed and certified medical professional prior to even take a look at any contact lens. If you're suffering from allergies, or other medical conditions that might make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable They may recommend you to discontinue wearing them.
Get a prescription if you plan to use contact lenses. It should state more than "contact lens for eyes", "contact lenses make it possible" and "make this person appear like Mystique". It must contain specific instructions for example, which brand to use is used, the measurements, and expiration dates. The eyes of a person can change, so the prescription should be up-to-date. An outdated prescription outdated can cause you to look less stylish than wearing furry boots.
"Do respect the contact lenses treatment guidelines!" This is not an opportunity to "think outside the box." The instructions for wearing, cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses are there with a purpose.
Contact lenses need to be removed when you experience discomfort in your eyes, redness or swelling, or persistent inflammation. A bacterial infection of the eye isn't something that you are able to "walk from" from. The signs of an infection are by swelling, redness, as well as pain.
"Don't share your contact lenses with anyone else!" Bruh. What's the reason you would be sharing a pair of lenses with someone else? That's like saying "dude, are you finished using that condom" or "hey could I get a the taste of your toothbrush?"
"Don't purchase any contact lens without a prescription!" The FDA warns that you should "never get contact lenses through market vendors, a beauty supply shop or flea market, or a novelty store or Halloween store." As a rule, the terms "flea" and "your eyeball" should be as from each other as is possible. Buy your contact lenses only from a legitimate supplier that is in compliance with FDA regulations. Make sure to check the list of FDA-cleared or approved contact lenses before buying any. Don't just look to cut costs. Plus, just because the prescription is right doesn't ensure that the retailer or manufacturer will properly follow the prescription. Just think how many occasions you've placed an order for underwear and gotten crowns of broccoli instead. Be sure the prescription is in line with the lenses.

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